Mold and High Moisture

If your home has mold or high moisture give Home Spectors a call at (800) 250-2423 or (704) 545-2847!

Mold and High Moisture
Rock hill mold
High Moisture under a house in Rock Hill SC on Oakhurst Drive. Dillon moisture control.

Damaged floor joist under a house in between Darlington and Dillon SC. You can see the slug living on the floor joist.

For mold or moisture control give us a call at 800-250-2423 or (704)545-2847  

Does My House Have a Problem?

Start with a few basic questions:

  • Is there persistent mold growth?
  • Are there musty smells, particularly in the basement?
  • Are windows fogged up or frosted up through much of the winter?
  • Is there evidence of moisture deterioration – rotting wood, soft drywall, buckled siding or spalling bricks?
  • Does frost build up in the attic?
  • Has basement flooding ever occurred?
  • Are humidity levels often above 55 percent in the winter?

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Checking your home's humidity levels

Knowing the level of relative humidity (R.H.) in your home is very useful. If you are in the Charlotte area have Home Spectors check the humidity levels for you in your home.

Typical moisture problems

Typical moisture problems

Here are some of the key locations to check:

  1. mould, frost or wet insulation or wood in attic
  2. mould in the bathroom
  3. frost on door sills
  4. damp basement walls
  5. water on basement floor
  6. mould behind furniture and stored items
  7. frost on window frames
  8. peeling paint, deteriorating siding or efflorescence on bricks
  9. mould in corners
  10. wall damage and wet carpets below windows
  11. condensation or frost on windows
  12. mould in closets
  13. sagging or stained ceilings

Mold and High Moisture Treatment done by Home Spectors in Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, Mooresville, Hunterville, Monroe, Mint Hill and other surrounding areas. Give Home Spectors a call at (704) 545-2847 or (800) 250-2423!