Termite treatment and control

Termite Control
Termites are a big problem in the North Carolina area. The Charlotte area has about  seven colonies of termites per acre. Most of the termites in this area are subterranean termites. The termite has many cast but in the spring the main show is the wings reproductive termite (swarmer). The swarming termites will come out in the spring in very large numbers. We can take care of all your termite treatments in your home or office in Charlotte, Monroe NC, Concord NC, Rock Hill SC, Mooresville, Gastonia and Statesville by calling 704-502-2022
Charlotte termite control
Termite Control  (Bait Treatment)
There are two schools of thought for the treatment and the control of termites. One school is to bait for the termites. This is great for treating areas where the termite lives, but the area is in an environmentally sensitive area. There is wood, cardboard, or other wood like substance into the ground in plastic containers. We want the termites to start eating, and show you. Then they switch out the wood for a bait that will slowly kill the termites. In most cases it will kill all of the termite colony.

Termite Treatment (liquid) Control
For the longest time the liquid treatment was used on termites in the charlotte area and all around the world. When I first started doing termite treatments in 1986 most of the termites were treated with liquid chlordane. The EPA took chlodane off the market for most people in 1983 for pest control. The only thing it was to be used for was termite treatment. In april of 1988 the EPA stopped us from using the Chlordane for termite or any other pest for money. We could use up what we had left on our home. There was  a lot of other liquid pesticide and termiticide to treat for termites. Chlordane last forever, but the liquids used today do not. It is very imporant to keep your home under a termite warranty.  If you would like a termite inspection or treatment for termite call us at 704-502-2022

Pre treatment for the control of termites in new homes
Most homes in the past were treated with a liquid treatment to the soil. This is a good way to treat the house, but many are now going to treat the wood with a boric acid bassed treatment. Boric Acid sounds unsafe but it is one of the safest on the market. The base of the home does not always get treated or wood is added after the exterminator has left. 

The green is treated. If it is not green it is not treated for termites.

Monroe termite pre-treatment
New home in Monroe NC with no preteatment by the garage door.
Concord NC pre treat for termites
The center is treated but not the left and right side of this new home in Concord NC
No treatment under this house in Mooresville on Lake Norman.
There was no treatment to the wood on the right under this house in Mooresville on Lake Norman.

Powder Post Beetles
Powder post beetles are small beetles that infest wood in homes. The larva eats the wood and leaves a small round exit hole in the wood.  Frass is a small saw dust like substance that will come out of exit holes of fresh holes to let us know that the wood has active powder post beetles in it. The wood under this house on Monroe road in Charlotte is an example of this.
Charlotte powder post beetles
You can see the frass coming out of the wood. You can tell this wood will need to be treated. The wood itself will need to be treated, not the soil like with a termite treament. We will have to treat the sub-flooring in this home to get rid of the powder post beetles.
Here is some damage to the wood floors in the home.
Powder post beetles damage in wood floor.
If you think you have termites or powder post beetles you can call us for treament at 704-502-2022

Carpenter Bees control
Carpenter bees look like bumble bees but there is no yellow hair on their abdomen. Their abdomen is black and the carpenter bee will buzz around your head. The female carpenter bee makes the holes in the wood in the spring for nesting. Getting rid of the carpenter bees comes down to using the right control for cartpenter bees and finding the holes for the treatment and control of the carpenter bees.

Termite damage

Statesville termite control damageBoone nc termite damage
The wood looked good in this house in Statesville but the screwdriver went through the wood and termite control was needed.

Salisbury NC termite damage Charlotte termite control needed
This termite damage was seen about 45 miles from charlotte in Salisbury NC. Termite control was needed. 704-502-2022

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