Asbestos and Mold Removal

Home Spectors gives you the quickest results and the best price for your Asbestos Testing needs. It is not easy to see that there are Asbestos in floor tiles, but you can see a stamp on the back of the tile. but, for all the others, you will need to get them tested. besure to be safe. Give us a call at 704-502-2022 is your Charlotte home needs Asbestos testing or Mold Removal!

asbestos tiles

Asbestos Siding

Asbestos can be in: roofing, caulking, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, glue, vinyl flooring, mastic, duct work, insulation, and other things in buildings and homes.
asbestos siding

Asbestos Roofing

If you need testing and you don't want to be overcharged to have the asbestos removed, we can test the asbestos or put you with someone who can help!

asbestos roofing
Asbestos Roofing
asbestos roofing 2
In between Charlotte and Monroe, asbestos roofing was installed at the top of this home and seems to be in a good condition during this time. However, all through the roof is in good shape, but the state is requiring the asbestos roof to be removed before the destruction of the home. After we removed the asbestos and took it to a sanitary land field in Charlotte, a demolition company will tear down the home and clear the lot.

Doing Asbestos work in Charlotte, Monroe, Mooresville, Concord, and Gastonia!