Charlotte mold testing and inspections

Charlotte mold testing and inspections.

Black mold in Gastonia NC

Black mold

This house in Gastonia has a bad mold problem in the basement due to a plumbing leak in the kitchen.  The insurance company needed to have the mold tested to check if it was black mold and the test came back positive. The inspection for mold showed it was all over the basement of this home in Gastonia NC just west of Charlotte.  The home needed to have the mold remediated. We came to do the inspections and testings of  the mold and Rodney did the remediation of the mold in the house. The job was very big and time consuming.

Plumbing leak leads to Mold charlotte
Plumbing leak in Charlotte causes this mold problem.

Water leaked into the plastic box below.

Mold in water in Charlotte

We do mold inspections all over in Concord NC, Rock Hill, Charlotte, Monroe, boone, Ashville, but not like this home in Gastonia. If you need an inspection anywhere in NC or SC call us at 704-502-2022