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1. Footing / Concrete Slab-

To be made after all form work is set up and reinforcement is in place.

2. Framing-

To be made after all framing, blocking, bracing, bolts, and rough electrical (if applicable see electrical handout attached) are in place and secured. Engineered certified truss drawings may be on site at the time of inspection.


3. Fire Rated Wall Assembly (if applicable)-
To be made after all Fire-Resistive materials are in place and before the sheathing and siding is placed on the exterior of the rated wall.

4. Final-
To be made upon completion of the garage and finish grade.

5. Other Inspections-
In addition to the inspections above, the inspector may make or require other inspections to as certain compliance with the provisions of the code or to assist you with questions or concerns during the construction process.
 Where a building is located on sloping terrain, the height may be measure from the average ground level of the grade at the building wall. The existing grade of the property may not be raised around a new building or foundation in order to comply with the height requirements of this code. When there is a dormer build into the roof, the height is measured to the midpoint of the dormer roof if the dormer(s) exceeds fifty (50) percent or more of the width of any side of the building.

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