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A number of components are critical to an interior home inspection and are defined as follows:

    •  Walls, Floors, and Ceilings - An inspection is made of the walls, floors, carpets, and ceilings.  Water damage in the form of mold and/or stains along with signs of insect damage is uncovered.  It is important that the areas surrounding plumbing fixtures are checked for mold and water damage. The cracks and walls of a home are inspected to check for the presence of insects.

    •  Attics - Rafters, joists, collar ties, trusses, ventilation, insulation, and ductwork are included in the home inspection.

    •  Stairways, Handrails, and Guardrails
- These structures and supports are inspected for safety.

    •  Doors and Windows - It is important that doors and windows function properly and that they include good seals where appropriate to minimize water intrusion and heating and cooling costs.  Windows should be free of rot. 

    •  Electrical - Typically, an electrical inspection includes tests of all visible wiring, switches, outlets, receptacles, light fixtures, circuit breakers, and service panels.  Indoor and outdoor lighting are evaluated to ensure they are in good working order. 

    •  Heating and Cooling Systems - 
The heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are checked, which includes the furnace, thermostat, air conditioner and air-conditioner lines as well as ductwork.

    •  Appliances - An inspection checks the functionality of the dishwasher, oven, and stove.  Refrigerators, microwaves, washers, and dryers that are included in the sale of the home are inspected.

    •  Plumbing -  Areas around toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers are checked for water damage.  Inspections are performed for leaks around all plumbing fixtures and pipes.  All faucets are tested for cold and hot water pressure.  The overall condition of the water heater is evaluated.

    •  Fireplaces - An inspection of the fireplace includes the spark arrestor, firebox, damper, and hearth extension.  Fireplace inserts are checked.

    •  Basement and Crawl Spaces - An inspection of the basement and under-floor areas for water damage is essential along with an evaluation of the floor-framing system, ventilation, and insulation.

    •  Smoke Detectors - Proper functioning of the smoke detectors is a very important part of the inspection.     

    •  Garages - The furnace and hot water heater are Included in the overall garage inspection.

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