Termite inspection

The Termite Inspection
Most people say "termite inspection," but it is actually a CL-100 in South Carolina and a WDIR report in North Carolina. Some real estate agents call it a "clearance letter."The termite inspection is good for 30 days for most loans. The termite inspector looks for more than just termites. The inspector checks the buildings for termite, powder post beetles, Old house borers, Carpenter ants, mold & high moisture and plenty more. Termites cause more damage tham Storms or Fire!

Ants and Termites


These are swarmers that come out in the spring in large numbers. The termites seen in wood is white most of the time and have no wings.


Charlotte termite inspector find termites


The termite tubes are seen at the bottom of the photos and the termites have eaten the paper off the drywall and will need to be treated.
Old House Bore damage.

Charlotte termite inspector find old house bores.

Old house borers have damaged this wood in a Charlotte home. They are found in wood and the pest control technician will look for damaged wood in and under the home. Most of the time it takes years for the wood bore to go from egg to larvae and then to an adult old house borer. If the wood is very dry it takes longer, some take up to 10 years, but most of the old house bores take up to 3 years. This is the only bore in this area that will have a reinfestation in homes. Termites are not the only pests inspected on a WDIR report. The termite letter will have the old house borers on it also. This old house borers damage was seen just outside of Charlotte in Gastonia while doing a home and a termite inspection. The exterminator should check for old house bores along with termite, powder post beetles, carpenter bees and other things when doing a termite inspection. The inspector has many things to undergo during his job.

Termite inspectors
look for termites, old house borers and Powder post beetlesPowder post beetles are a little like old house borers, only smaller. The powder post beetles live in the wood in a home and start as an egg, changing to a larvae and come out of the exit hole that the exterminators look for doing a termite inspection. The Charlotte area gets more termite inspections due to the higher turn over in the Charlotte area and have less damage by termite, old house borers, and powder post beetles. As you move out from the Charlotte area into Gastonia, Monroe NC, Concord NC, and Mooresville area we find a little more damage. Sometimes people do not keep their home under termite warranty and the homes outside the Charlotte area. They do not have the turnover, so people do not have the home inspected as much. If there is no termite inspector to inspect your home about once each year then you could have termite, old house borers or powder post beetles damaging your home. Jarrod Gofoforth can help find the pest that can damage your house.


Charlotte termite inspector, inspections
Powber Post Bettle damage photo from timberwise.co.uk

Good Termite Inspector

A good termite inspector will take something to prob the wood during a termite inspection to see if the wood is sound.  In the Charlotte area there are about 7 colonies of termites per acre, so having a good inspector to do your inspection is very important. The damage below was due to some wood in the attic of a Monroe NC home just outside of Charlotte. To have your home inspected call Home Spectors today at 

Charlotte termite inspectorcharlotte termite damage inspection
Before probing the wood.                                                      After probing the wood

A good inspector will prob the wood.
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